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Like most people, Gary and Nancy have a "bucket list". That is - a list of many things that we want to do before we "kick the bucket"! We are no where near kicking the bucket but we are in the process of ticking items off our list. The items on our list are mainly travel. (We won't embarrass you by mentioning the other things on our list).

Nancy is an expert at making scrapbooks to document our travels so that we can fondly reminisce in our rocking chairs when we are no longer able to travel. Therefore, both of us have cameras and take many photos for the scrapbooks. Many of our friends often ask us to send or show them our pictures. We're never really sure if they really want to see them or if they are merely being polite.

This web site is an effort to meet those requests. If any of our friends really want to see our photos, they can see them in this web site. If they are merely being polite, they can always ignore this site without offending anyone. We promise not to administer tests to verify that you have seen the site!

While we now live in London, Ontario, we lived on the shore of Lake Huron in Tobermory for 20 years. Since Tobermory is a very popular tourist area, our life there was a little like living a permanent vacation. (...and we enjoyed it just as much!) Therefore, it seems appropriate that we add a Tobermory section to this web site.

Therefore, if you choose to accept this mission, use the menu at the top of this page to navigate to the photos that you'd like to see. Each link will bring up a page of thumbnails. Click on any thumbnail and it will open a larger version of the photo in a new window. When this larger version opens, you will also have the option to close it or move directly to the next or previous photo. If your browser is set up to block "popups", you will need to click on "options" and allow popups for this site. Don't worry, there are no advertisements or other such junk on this site.

Latest additions to this site:
May 2019 - Tobermory Shipwreck Video
February 2023 - Jordan (trip taken in 1993)
April 2023 - Egypt (trip taken in 1993)

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