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Curacao is located in the southern Caribbean about 65 km north of Venezuela. It was formerly part of the Netherland Antillies consisting of Curacao, Bonaire and Aruba. They are also called the ABC Islands. After the dissolution of the Netherland Antillies in 2010, Curacao is now quasi-self governing and is formally called the Country of Curacao. It is actually a country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands, with the Kingdom retaining responsibility for defence and foreign policy.

From our perspective, the island tends to be cleaner and better organized than most other Caribbean islands that we have visited.

In March 2019, we traveled to Curacao. During our stay, we spent a week at the Sunscape Resort.

This was the first time that we experienced an all-inclusive resort. Sunscape is advertized as a "family friendly" resort with many organized children's activities. This is not our traditional choice of vacation and we were somewhat concerned. However, the resort is large and it didn't pose any problems.

The "all-inclusive" resort was a very worthwhile feature. It allowed us to eat and drink freely at a number of restaurants and bars without being concerned about room charges.

As usual, we took many pictures during our stay. However, after returning home and transferring these pictures to our computer, we had a total hard drive failure. We managed to recover a few of the pictures from the original SD card but the majority were lost. In order to supplement these few pictures, we "borrowed" a few photos from the internet.

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