Giza Photo Gallery

The Giza pyramid complex is one of the world's most famous historical sites.
It includes:
  • The three great pyramids (Khufu,Khafre and Menkaure)
  • Three smaller pyramids called The Queen's pyramids
  • The Sphinx
  • A number of tombs and cemeteries
The site was built by the ancient Egyptians in the period 2600 to 2500 BC. The construction techniques remain a mystery but most theories are based on the idea that the huge interior stones were mined in a quarry just south of the site. The smoother limestone exterior stones were mined east of the Nile River. In those ancient times, it would have been a monumental task to transport them to the building site and mount them in place.

The sides of all three of the Giza pyramids are oriented to the north–south and east–west within a small fraction of a degree. This exact orientation has led to some extreme theories that they were built by aliens or were aligned to match the constellation Orion.

The pyramids of Giza are thought to have been constructed to house the remains of the deceased pharaohs who ruled over Ancient Egypt.

They are definitely an awe inspiring site!

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