Niagara Falls Photo Gallery

Most of the pages in this web site portray our more exotic travels. However, our life isn't all exotic travel. We live on Lake Huron in Tobermory. This is a prime tourist area and it is a little like living a year round vacation. This makes our summers very busy as we usually entertain a lot of company.

When the Fall arrives, we like to have a short getaway to recharge our batteries. i.e. to have someone else do the cooking, cleaning and maid service!

In October 2013, our Fall getway was Niagara Falls, Ontario. We've been there on previous occasions but the city is always changing so we wanted to see what's new.

Niagara Falls is world famous and almost entirely devoted to tourism. As such, there is an infinite variety of entertainment as well as the natural beauty of the Falls.

Clifton Street (as shown on the left) has a circus atmosphere. There are a wide variety of shops, restaurants and amusement attractions. Other areas away from the Falls feature parkland, golf courses, scenic drives and two casinos.

While in Niagara Falls, we stayed at The Embassy Suites. Our room had an excellent view of the Falls so we spent a few enjoyable hours in the evenings in our room watching the Falls with a glass or two of wine.

Share our experience in the following pictures:

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