Egypt Photo Gallery

In 1993, I (Gary) travelled with a group to Jordan and Egypt. The primary motivation for the trip was diving in the Gulf of Aqaba, Jordan. However, while in that part of the world, we also visited historical sites in Jordan and Egypt. The historical sites turned out to be the highlight of the trip.

Pictures and videos of each part of the Egypt visit can be accessed via the above menu or the links below.

DISCLAIMER: The pictures and videos in this section were taken with 1990s vintage analogue video and still cameras. Some of the pictures are frame captures taken from analogue video. As a result, the quality is mediocre. In some cases, the lighting was so poor that the pictures were unacceptable. In those cases, I have "borrowed" pictures from the internet that are similar to those that I have taken. Please excuse this transgression but I felt that it was necessary to tell the story.

Cairo City
Muhammad Ali Mosque
Cairo Bazzar
Cairo Museum
Nile Cruise

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