Scotland Photo Gallery

In September 2001, we toured Scotland. This was the starting point for our tour of Great Britain. After a long but comfortable flight on Air Transat, we arrived very early in the morning in Edinburgh.

Despite the early hour and our fatigue, we rented a car and drove to our hotel in Leith. The drive was very interesting. It seemed that everywhere we drove we were following a "lorry" (that's what they call a truck in Britain). This gave rise to an expression that we still use. As we navigated the rest of our trip, my navigator (Nancy) frequently said "just follow the lorry"! Surprisingly, this strategy usually got us to our destination. On this initial drive, we enjoyed the "roundabouts" (i.e. traffic circles). In fact, there was one that we enjoyed so much that we completed the full circle several times before we managed to exit at the right place!

The Scottish countryside is impressive. It is a mixture of purple Heather covered hills, ancient castles, placid cobalt blue Lochs and meandering streams. The small towns have a variety of warm and friendly pubs that serve great beer and excellent economical pub food.

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