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Tobermory is located at the north end of the Bruce Peninsula. (That's in Ontario, Canada if you're not familiar with the area.) It is a very picturesque and popular tourist town.

Tobermory was originally settled in the 1800s by Scottish settlers. They named the town Tobermory due to its similarity to its namesake on the Isle of Mull, Scotland.

Forestry and fishing were the original mainstays of the town but they have been replaced by tourism in recent times.

The Bruce Peninsula National Park caters to land based tourism.

As can be seen above, the most prominent features of Tobermory are our two deep and sheltered harbours. They are called Little Tub Harbour (on the left) and Big Tub Harbour (on the right). The town centre circles Little Tub Harbour.

The Bruce Peninsula is part of the Niagara Escarpment which has been designated as a World Biosphere Reserve. The nature of the peninsula changes considerably from west to east.
  • The west side of the peninsula tends to be rocky, low and somewhat flat. The forest vegetation consists mainly of coniferous trees, some grassland and alvars (bare, dry, rocky areas). Lake Huron tends to slope gradually to deeper depths with many treacherous shoals.

  • The east side of the peninsula is dominated by the Niagara Escarpment. This area is characterized by higher elevations with steep cliffs on the shore of Georgian Bay. The land mass has a greater depth of top soil that supports a mixed hardwood and coniferous forest. Georgian Bay drops off to great depths very close to shore.
Our town centre includes many stores that cater primarily to tourists. They include a grocery store, liquor store, restaurants, ice cream and candy stores, scuba dive shops, book stores, art galleries, tour boat operators and the usual T-shirt/clothing shops.

The town is exceptionally busy during the summer. However, virtually all shops are closed during the winter.

As much as we love our little town at all times, it is especially nice to have peace and quiet return during the off season!

Beyond the town centre, there are many other attractions such as beaches, nature trails, camp grounds, a golf course and the Bruce Peninsula National Park interpretive centre.

The extensive shoreline provided by the peninsula also facilitates substantial lake front cottage development. While much of this development is seasonal, it seems to be gradually evolving to year round living as many baby boomers retire and move permanently to the area.

In fact, that is what we have done. After our 1995 retirement and two year adventure in the Caribbean, we settled permanently in Tobermory.

We love our current lifestyle. It's a little like having a year round vacation. We can relax in the peace and quiet of our isolated lake front home or we can easily participate in the activities in our area that tourists drive hours to experience.

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