Bathrooms of the World

Okay, this may seem like a really weird thing to include on a web site. However when we travel, we're not the type to spend all of our time lounging on the beach. We also like to tour the countries we visit to get a flavor of local culture and habits.

These tours usually require the occasional visit to public bathrooms. For anyone who has traveled, you know that this can be a very "interesting" experience.

In past travels, we have experienced everything from toilets that were just a hole in the floor to urinals that were located on a city street and uncomfortably exposed. We often laugh about these experiences but only recently have we decided to record these unusual facilities on film. After all, it can seem a little creepy taking pictures in a public bathroom so we have to choose our moments carefully to avoid arrest and imprisonment.

Therefore, this part of our web site is intended to show you some of our more "interesting" experiences.

Share these experiences in the following pictures:

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