St. Jacobs Photo Gallery

We visited St. Jacobs, Ontario for our Fall 2012 getaway. St. Jacobs is located a short distance northwest of Kitchener-Waterloo.

The village is a tourist and commercial centre with over 100 retailers, attractions, theatres and restaurants.

St. Jacobs was first settled in 1820 and was known as "Jakobstettel" which means Jacob's Village. The original settlers were German Mennonites and the village still has a stong Mennonite presence.

This is probably what makes this location a popular tourist draw.

The St. Jacobs farmers market is an extremely well known attraction. Many of the local farmers (including old order Mennonites) bring their fresh produce to the market every weekend.

The main building of the market was completely destroyed by fire in September 2013 so we were fortunate to have visited in 2012.

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