Tobermory Underwater Photo Gallery

Tobermory is located at the north end of the Bruce Peninsula. (That's in Ontario, Canada if you're not familiar with the area.) As such, it is surrounded by water. This makes water related activities a feature attraction of this area. Tourists visit the area to swim, kayak, canoe, boat, camp or enjoy the tour boats. However, our major attraction is scuba diving.

In order to support water based tourism, the Fathom Five National Park is dedicated to water based activities such as the preservation of our historically significant shipwrecks.

A number of factors have combined to make Tobermory "The Shipwreck Capital of Canada". In the late 1800s and early 1900s, Tobermory was a busy and important port for both the timber and fishing trade. We also have two deep and sheltered harbours that made us an ideal refuge during storms. That, combined with the treacherous waters of Lake Huron and primitive navigation of that day, meant that many ships met their doom on the way to Tobermory as they were looking for shelter from these storms.

Today, our outstanding water clarity, relative lack of major zebra mussel development and excellent scuba diving infrastructure makes us a premiere diving destination.
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After retiring from our real jobs and after our post retirement Caribbean adventure, Gary worked in Tobermory as a dive instructor and captain for about 10 years. Below are pictures of Gary at the helm and three of the boats that he operated.

There are over thirty dive sites in the Tobermory area, most of which are shipwrecks. Enjoy a virtual tour of some of these historic shipwrecks in the crystal clear waters of Lake Huron & Georgian Bay.

Dan Lindsay and Art Amos have produced an excellent video describing the history of four of the most interesting shipwrecks in the Tobermory area. Click on the picture below to view the video.
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For further information, the maps below show the locations of all of our dive sites.
Click on any number in the maps or the name of the dive site below the map for pictures and more detail about each dive site.
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