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In April 2011, we traveled to Palau and spent three weeks at the Palau Pacific Resort. This is an outstanding five star resort. The accommodations, facilities, service and food were all excellent.

Palau and particularly Peleliu was the site of fierce fighting during the Second World War. There are still reminders of this brutal time remaining on the island.

Palau is a very busy tourist location. Therefore, there has extensive retail, restaurant and hotel development. The main town of Koror has a good selection of services but is uninspiring from a cultural, scenic or historical perspective.

Outside Koror, the island is very picturesque with a number of interesting sites to tour.

We found it particularly interesting that Palau is traditionally a matriarchal society. In most Pacific islands that we have visited, men are definitely in charge. In Palau, lands, titles, and wealth are held by the clans and controlled by senior female and male elders. However, senior females have a stronger say in such areas than men. Each village has a chief who is male but he is chosen by the women.

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