Sakkara Photo Gallery

Sakkara (sometimes spelled Saqqara or Saccara) is located twenty miles south of Cairo, on the Nile's west bank. The most striking feature is the famous Step Pyramid, built in the 27th century BC by Djoser, the Old Kingdom pharaoh who launched the tradition of constructing pyramids as monumental royal tombs. Contrary to popular belief, Sakkara predates the more famous site at Giza.

More than a dozen other pyramids are scattered along the five-mile strip of land, which is also dotted with the remains of temples, tombs and walkways that, together, span the entire history of ancient Egypt. Beneath the ground is a far more vast and extraordinary netherworld of treasures.

This part of our trip was interesting not only because of the ancient site but also because of the drive to Sakkara and our stops along the way.

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The above 4 videos show an interesting drive to Sakkara.
It was our only drive in Egypt outside Cairo.
It was almost like we had stepped back hundreds of years in time.

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