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We love to travel to exotic locations but above all, we love to travel. If we always travelled to exotic locations, it would soon break the bank. Therefore, for many years, our default destination has been Florida. Virtually every year, we vacation there for one or two months.

When we tell people that we are going "on vacation", they often ask "You are retired. What exactly are you taking a break from?" On the surface, this seems like a valid question. We are retired and live in a lakefront home in a great but remote tourist area. As much as we love the isolation, it takes a lot of effort to do the things that city people find routine. (shopping, entertainment, getting to appointments, etc).

Florida provides the perfect alternative to our daily life. We stay in a condo on the Gulf of Mexico and have a convenient and extensive selection of restaurants, entertainment and shopping. (plus the ability to kick back and relax on the beach!)

Virtually evey area of Florida provides vacation opportunities. We have sampled most of them and found that we like the Clearwater area best. We stay in a condo located just south of Clearwater Beach in an area called Sand Key. The condo overlooks the Gulf of Mexico.

When we want to relax, we can sit on the white sand beach or our private balcony and watch the dolphins and manatees swim by (usually with a drink in our hands!). When we want to be a little more active, there is lots to do. (great dining, greyhound races, entertainment, even shopping - heaven forbid!)

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